Get on The Bus!

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 @ 8:25PM

March On! March On! With HOPE in your heart! Join us on August 24th 2013 as we March On Washington…for PEACE, JUSTICE, EQUALITY and FREEDOM!!!!(Accessable, AFFORDABLE postsecondary education, HEALTHCARE FOR ALL, INCREASED MINIMUM WAGE, VOTING RIGHTS, Progressive Taxation, Fair and Just Immigration and Human Rights……….)if you want to get on a bus for FREE to and from Washington DC…Call Mrs. Ruth Taylor by Thursday August 1st,2013 at 973-744-3080 (first come first seated….leaving from Montclair and returning to Montclair)        “We who believe in FREEDOM CAN  NOT REST!!!!…..”       …WE MUST gather in DC ‘Til Victory !!!


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