Justice for Trayvon Martin

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013 @ 10:26PM

Like many Americans I am troubled by the verdict in the Zimmerman case and by the fact that in 2013, in the state of Florida, an unarmed 17 year old Black boy has no reasonable expectation of the peaceful enjoyment of his freedom to go and come as he pleases without fear of being gunned down by a gun-toting vigilante.

The beauty about the American Justice System, is, however, that because of the states sorry history of treatment of underrepresented persons, we have federal civil rights laws that enable the United  States Department of Justice to go into states, like Florida, that appear to be operating in total disregard of the civil and human rights of all, especially underrepresented persons, conduct a comprehensive investigation and take actions suggested by their findings.

That is what General Eric Holder has resolved to do.

I am grateful for a justice system that has checks and balances.

This is a case of justice delayed……to be sure


In the end, I have faith that justice will not be denied!

R.E Baskerville, M.D; Montclair Township Councilwoman

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